[82ABFF]Tristan Dunkelrabe |PEST|[-] was killed Sunday, December 13th 2020, 11:48 am


Backpack Contents


[FF9500]Hauptbuch I[-]

[FF9500]Blue Doom Horse Statue[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]


[00FF00]287 Bandages[-]


[00FF00]2 Stamina Potions[-]

[ADFF2F]Vanquishing Long Bow of Speed[-]

[ADFF2F]Shocking Warbow of Speed[-]

[FF9500]353 Arrows[-]


Unyielding Leather Helm of Hardiness

[ADFF2F]Roving Long Bow of Vanquishing[-]
Sturdy Leather Tunic of Hardiness

Sturdy Leather Leggings of Hardiness


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
[FF0000]Ethan Chandler[-]Kill976
[82ABFF]Tristan Dunkelrabe |PEST|[-]Heal256