[82ABFF]Elrond Hale[-] was killed Thursday, December 10th 2020, 11:04 am


Backpack Contents


[00FF00]2 Lesser Mana Potions[-]

[00FF00]4 Lesser Stamina Potions[-]

[00FF00]6 Lesser Heal Potions[-]

[00FF00]2 Cure Potions[-]




[0078ff]Leather Saddle (Packed)[-]

[1366AC]Blank Rune[-]

[1366AC]Blank Rune[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]


[00FF00]2 Stamina Potions[-]

[00FF00]4 Heal Potions[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]

[bdbdbd]33 Magical Essence[-]

[00FF00]Mana Potion[-]

[bdbdbd]4 Tender Meat-Corn Meal[-]

[00FF00]Hooded Robe[-]

[ADFF2F]Sundering Novice's Wand of Flames[-]

[bdbdbd]10 Moss[-]

[FF9500]Saddled Llama Statue[-]


[FFBF00]Coin Purse (2522g)[-]

[ADFF2F]Agile Mage Robes of Endurance[-]

[bdbdbd]3 Mushrooms[-]

[bdbdbd]7 Ancient Scroll[-]

[bdbdbd]3 Ethereal Bones[-]

[ADFF2F]Reckoning Pearl Staff[-]

[bdbdbd]12 Lemon Grass[-]

[bdbdbd]5 Ginseng[-]

[ADFF2F]Singing Short Bow[-]

[ADFF2F]Shocking Broadsword of Silencing[-]

[ADFF2F]Agile Scale Tunic of Layfinding[-]

Furniture Crate

[ADFF2F]Shocking Short Bow[-]

[bdbdbd]4 Fine Scroll[-]

[ADFF2F]Spell Eating Buckler of Accuracy[-]


[ADFF2F]Layfinding Linen Helm of Evasion[-]

[ADFF2F]Layfinding Padded Tunic of Heartiness[-]
[FF8C00]Conscript's Aether: Kite Shield[-]

[ADFF2F]Layfinding Padded Leggings of Awareness[-]


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
Half GazerDamage87
[FF0000]Ethan Chandler[-]Kill644
[82ABFF]Elrond Hale[-]Heal87