[82ABFF]Teurst |CORE|[-] was killed Tuesday, December 1st 2020, 1:50 pm


Backpack Contents



[bdbdbd]242 Moss[-]

[FF9500]Rapid Escape Scroll[-]

[00FF00]5 Greater Mana Potions[-]

[bdbdbd]3 Translucent Threads[-]

[bdbdbd]5 Tender Meat-Corn Meal[-]

[bdbdbd]341 Lemon Grass[-]

[00FF00]10 Heal Potions[-]

[bdbdbd]317 Mushrooms[-]

[bdbdbd]6 Tender Meat-Corn Meal[-]

[bdbdbd]3 Green Pepper-Gourmet Meat Banquet[-]

[bdbdbd]187 Ginseng[-]


[FF9500]Recipe: Bone Dagger[-]

[bdbdbd]72 Magical Essence[-]

[bdbdbd]20 Ancient Scroll[-]

[FF9500]Mortar and Pestle[-]

[bdbdbd]19 Ethereal Bones[-]

[00FF00]Lesser Mana Potion[-]

[bdbdbd]25 Fine Scroll[-]

[d9d9d9]Imperfect Ruby Necklace[-]

[ADFF2F]Burning Novice's Wand of Speed[-]

[ADFF2F]Singing Apprentices's Wand[-]

[FFBF00]Coin Purse (16185g)[-]

[ADFF2F]Singing Novice's Wand of Flames[-]

[ADFF2F]Freezing Apprentices's Wand of Sundering[-]

[00FF00]Cure Potion[-]

[ADFF2F]Silencing Master's Wand of Frost[-]

[FF9500]Ivory Skeletal Steed Statue[-]

[ADFF2F]Spell Eating Buckler[-]

[ADFF2F]Accurate Kite Shield of Evasion[-]


[d9d9d9]Venom-Covered Mage Hat[-]

[d9d9d9]Wand of the Cleric[-]
[FF8C00]Desire's Binding: Mage Robes[-]

[FF8C00]Desire's Treachery: Linen Leggings[-]


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
[FF0000]Ethan Chandler[-]Damage260