[FF0000]Stalker |TTK|[-] was killed Sunday, November 29th 2020, 8:24 pm


Backpack Contents

Martial Book

[00FF00]277 Bandages[-]

[00FF00]30 Cure Potions[-]



[FF9500]Saddled Horse Statue[-]

[ADFF2F]Physician's Hardened Helm[-]

[ADFF2F]Regrown Leather Tunic[-]

[ADFF2F]Agile Plate Leggings[-]

[d9d9d9]Bone Shield[-]

[bdbdbd]5 Bread[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]



[00FF00]4 Lesser Stamina Potions[-]

[FFBF00]Coin Purse (149g)[-]

[ADFF2F]Accurate Kite Shield of Evasion[-]

[ADFF2F]Agile Small Shield[-]

Lucid Mage Hat of Spell Warding

Lucid Mage Robes of Spell Warding

[b3a489]Cloth Linen Leggings[-]


[978161]Cloth Pants[-]

[d9d9d9]Padded Leggings[-]

[978161]Long Sleeve Shirt[-]

[ADFF2F]Silencing Warbow[-]

[d9d9d9]Padded Tunic[-]

[b3a489]Cloth Mage Robes[-]

[bdbdbd]14 Bread[-]

[00FF00]201 Bandages[-]

[b3a489]Cloth Mage Hat[-]


[ADFF2F]Theurgy Linen Tunic of Heartiness[-]

[bdbdbd]2 Fine Scroll[-]

[bdbdbd]Cursed Bones[-]

[ADFF2F]Vanquishing Warfork[-]

[0078ff]Reagent Pouch[-]

[bdbdbd]Leather Hide[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]

[1366AC]Blank Rune[-]

[FF9500]Saddled Horse Statue[-]

[FF8C00]Assassin's Muse: Chain Leggings[-]

[d9d9d9]Perfect Topaz Ring[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]

[00FF00]3 Ruin Scroll[-]

[00FF00]Summon Mount Potion[-]

[00FF00]5 Cure Scroll[-]

[00FF00]3 Heal Scroll[-]

[00FF00]3 Frost Scroll[-]

[00FF00]86 Energy Bolt Scroll[-]

[bdbdbd]2 Bones[-]


[FF8C00]Desire's Occult: Bandit Hood[-]

[00BFFF]Vanquishing Icelance of Frost[-]
[FF8C00]Hatred's Storm: Full Plate Tunic[-]

[FF8C00]Brawler's Charm: Full Plate Leggings[-]


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
[82ABFF]Viola |ITA|[-]Kill679
[82ABFF]ChusterLoL |RAGE|[-]Damage311
[FF0000]Stalker |TTK|[-]Heal281